Snake season is underway now that the sun is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. And with snake season comes… well… snakes. It’s possible to come across one in your backyard, by a pond or lake, on a nature trail, at a park, or in any outdoor setting. You may even discover one that has found its way into your house.

Snakes tend to nest in bushes or brush, and they eat small animals like rodents, birds, and bird eggs. While on the hunt for food, they can sometimes find that they have slithered their way into a barn, shed or storage building, crawl space, or the inside of a home.

While snakes are territorial, they are usually not aggressive and only strike when they are startled or feel threatened. If you come across a snake along your path, don’t panic or make sudden movements. Simply back away and redirect. If it’s anywhere in your house or on your property, call a trusted snake removal expert (like the ones at Bizzy Bee Exterminators!)

Finding a snake on your property can be startling or unsettling, but luckily there are snake repellant plants you can grow to help drive them away safely and naturally.

What Are the Types of Snakes in Georgia?

There are over 45 species of snakes that are native to the great state of Georgia, six of which are venomous. The ones you could find in your yard or area include:


  • Brown snakes (several variations)
  • Common garter snake
  • Earth snakes (several variations)
  • Kingsnakes (several variations)
  • Mud snake
  • Rat snakes (several variations)
  • Rough green snake
  • Watersnakes (several variations)


  • Copperhead
  • Cottonmouth or water moccasin
  • Pygmy rattlesnake
  • Eastern coral snake
  • Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
  • Timber rattlesnake
Closeup of a water moccasin with mouth open
Closeup of a water moccasin with mouth open

Again, whether venomous or not, snakes tend to keep to themselves and only become aggressive when threatened, startled, or disturbed. When you’re in your yard or out in a wooded or grassy area, keep a lookout for any and redirect your path if you come upon one.

Should I Kill a Snake in My Yard or Home?

Some people say, “The only good snake is a dead snake,” but that could not be further from the truth. Snakes, even the venomous ones, are essential to our environment and are natural exterminators of pests like mice and rats. Plus, it’s illegal to kill nonvenomous snakes in Georgia. Doing so could result in a misdemeanor that could land you in jail for a year and a $1,000 fine.

So, the short answer is no. Do not kill a snake you come across in your yard. If you encounter a venomous snake, stay away from the area—keep any children or pets away, too—and contact a snake removal expert as soon as possible.

Five Snake-Repellant Plants That Help Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard

There are several plant species that snakes do not like to slither through. If you prefer to minimize the number of snakes in your yard, consider planting the following in your garden or around your home:


Holly bushes pack a snake-repelling punch thanks to their spiky leaves and strong fragrance. Snakes have no choice but to slither on the ground, so they tend to avoid moving through areas that will scratch or poke them. Holly leaves are spiky, so snakes aren’t likely to move toward one. Snakes are also scent-sensitive and are repelled by the smell that holly bushes produce.


Lavender smells lovely to humans, but snakes cannot stand the scent. Their sense of smell is sensitive, so plants that release a strong fragrance, like lavender, help drive snakes away from wherever they are planted. You can grow lavender along your walkways, in your garden, and at entry points to your home.


Another pungent-smelling plant is the marigold. Not only does its flower release a strong scent that also repels many insects, but its roots have a scent that penetrates the surrounding soil, keeping snakes from burrowing or nesting near the flowers.


The common theme to all of these plants so far is a strong odor, and lemongrass is no exception. Its citrusy smell may attract people to it, but snakes would rather be anywhere else than where lemongrass is growing. In fact, its scent is so strong that it has been known to disorient snakes and temporarily disrupt their ability to hunt.

Onions and Garlic

Snakes don’t like anything with a strong or pungent smell, which means they hate the presence of onions and garlic in a yard or garden. By planting either, you’ll drive snakes away from your area and help maintain a snake-free lawn and home.

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