They’re creepy, and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky. The spiders in your house. (Bah-dah-dah-dah, snap snap.)

Indoor spiders tend not to pose a serious health risk or a danger to the folks inside, but they can bring a really creepy vibe to whatever space they currently occupy. Because of that, the last thing you want to come across when walking through your home is a spider on the wall, a spider web in your door frame, or a cobweb forming on your window sill.

To make sure your living spaces stay spider-free, check out these five tips and suggestions for at-home spider control:

Tip #1: Keep Your House Squeaky Clean

Spiders are pretty good at taking up residence in the parts of the house that tend to go untouched or undisturbed, like:

  • The widow sill behind that curtain that always stays closed
  • The corner of the bedroom that never gets exposed because of the bed
  • The area in the dining room behind the china cabinet
  • Attics and basements that don’t get much foot traffic

There are lots of places you might not think to clean because pieces of furniture or home décor cover them up. However, if you want to make sure your home is spider-free, it’s essential to clean all the areas of each room, even the spots that stay hidden.

Tip #2: Use White Vinegar

White vinegar is a safe product for you and your family members, but it is absolutely repulsive to spiders. They are highly sensitive to the acidic properties of white vinegar and will avoid any area where vinegar is applied. White vinegar is also an effective cleaning agent, so use it in your kitchen and bathroom(s) to both clean your spaces and keep spiders away.

The formula for a white vinegar solution is one part vinegar to one part water.

You can even pour your vinegar solution into a spray bottle and apply it to your window sills, baseboards, door frames, and other areas of your home for added protection.

Peppermint essential oil and fresh mint leaves on a light background.

Tip #3: Use Peppermint Oil or Dried Mint Leaves

Similar to white vinegar, spiders (and other insects) are repelled by the scent of mint. Take advantage of the repellant by:

  • Spraying a solution of water and peppermint essential oil throughout your house, including your entrances, window sills, baseboards, bathrooms, and kitchens. The solution should be about 5-10 drops of mint oil to two cups of water.
  • Planting mint at the entrances of your home or around the perimeter of your home.
  • Placing dried and crushed mint leaves in small sachets or fine mesh bags and placing them throughout the house.
  • Placing unused mint tea bags throughout the house.

Tip #4: Keep Produce Fresh, Seal the Food in Your Pantry, and Clean Up Crumbs

Insects and arachnids are often drawn to people food, whether it’s a pantry staple or old produce left out on the counter. Spiders do not like fresh fruits and vegetables, but they can eat foods that become overripe or begin to rot if they have access to them. House spiders can also find their way to any unsealed pantry items or crumbs left out on counters or floors.

To keep spiders out of the kitchen or dining room, be sure to:

  • Keep the things in your pantry well-sealed
  • Toss out any produce that has started to go bad
  • Sweep or vacuum after meals
  • Wipe down counters after cooking
  • Take out the trash on a regular basis

Tip #5: Treat Your Home with Professional Spider Control

Spiders are resilient creatures, and if you are dealing with an infestation, you could benefit from spider control from a high-quality, professional exterminator. The team at Bizzy Bee Exterminators offers effective, lasting solutions for spider control. Plus, we offer examinations to help identify the source of your infestation and provide the information and tools you need to prevent another from occurring.

If at-home remedies aren’t providing successful spider control at your home or business, talk to Bizzy Bee Exterminators.

Schedule a spider control treatment at your home or commercial property and regain the peace and comfort of a spider-free space!

Call us to schedule termite control or pest control at your home today: 1-800-273-4958

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