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Bizzy Bee Exterminators is pleased to offer termite letters to local real estate agents and brokers. We provide fast, friendly service by qualified professionals. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable about every aspect of pest control and termite inspection and can prepare residential and commercial real estate presale reports.

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Termite Letters

Bizzy Bee provides realtors with a termite letter order form that you can fax to our office. You may also call us to schedule a termite inspection. Upon arrival, our uniformed technician will evaluate the exterior structure to determine the presence or previous presence of any wood destroying organisms. We also inspect the building’s interior, crawl space, and basement.

After thoroughly inspecting the area, we make note of any conditions conducive for wood destroying organisms and include diagrams and additional remarks and findings if necessary. The report covers visible evidence of:

Treatment Warranty

If evidence of a current problem is present, our technician will assess the situation and determine an appropriate course of action, which may include integrated pest management. On the termite letter, we note the exact nature of the treatment and a warranty expiration date. Bizzy Bee offers treatment warranties that are transferable to any subsequent property owner within the specified warranty period prior to expiration.

Master Lockbox Keys

As an added benefit, our technicians have access to Master Lockbox Keys. Therefore, real estate agents are not obligated to meet us at the property during the inspection. You can rest assured that your clients will be pleased with our friendly, professional technicians.

Professional Termite Inspection & Treatment Services

Bizzy Bee uses top-of-the-line products such as Termidor, Sentricon, and Bora-Care to effectively treat termites and termite damage. Our treatment services include: