Fire Ants

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Fire ants are aggressive and known for attacking people, plants, and animals—almost anything that gets close to their nests. For humans and animals, the consequences of fire ant stings can range anywhere from minor irritation and nausea to more severe reactions like anaphylactic shock.

In addition, fire ants can cause damage to:

Bizzy Bee’s technicians are experts at fire ant control. We locate the main source of the and infestation and apply the latest treatments to eliminate the problem. Our effective treatment methods are 100% safe and will not harm people or animals. Common sources for a fire ant infestation include:

We realize that your time is valuable. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling to provide immediate relief of your fire ant infestation. In addition, we offer an ongoing preventative solution to keep your home or business fire ant free.

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Safe Ant Infestation Treatment Methods

Our fire ant treatments are safe for people and pets, so you can continue to enjoy your yard without fear that you or your children will come into contact with toxic chemicals. Using science-based and targeted integrated pest management, we ensure fire ant populations are controlled in the most efficient ways possible.

We safely treat:

Fire Ant Tips

  • Do not disturb ant mounds.
  • Ensure all family members, visitors, or employees know where the fire ants are.
  • When enjoying the outdoors, wear long pants and socks to prevent stings.
  • Use an approved repellent on skin and clothing.
  • If bitten apply an ice pack and use anti-itch cream.
  • If symptoms of an allergic reaction occur, use an epinephrine shot and call 911 immediately.

Our Treatment…

  • Is safe for people and pets
  • Is safe for grazing animals
  • Will not harm landscape
  • Will not get into groundwater