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Distribution and manufacturing warehouses need to be on guard against pests because you could inadvertently spread a pest problem to your customers. However, with numerous protocols and third party auditors to please, determining the best course of action can be difficult without a knowledgeable extermination company on your side.

Bizzy Bee Exterminators has years of experience working with warehouses that distribute food or food-related products. We understand and follow all safety protocols and have experience working with guidelines from organizations such as:

  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC)
  • American Institute of Baking (AIB)
  • NSF International

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at 1.800.273.4958 if you are in the warehousing industry and need an extermination company.

Integrated Pest Management

The number one pest that can plague warehouses is rodents. Flying insects and cockroaches are also common pests, and sometimes occasional invaders such as millipedes take up residence in your warehouse. However, due to the nature of the products certain warehouses distribute, we do not use traditional pesticide spray to control these pests.

Instead, we focus on green solutions such as mechanical traps and bait stations. This careful and targeted approach to pest control is called integrated pest management. Unlike older treatment methods, integrated pest management uses odorless and low-toxicity products to prevent unacceptable levels of pest damage. Integrated pest management protects your products, your customers, and your distribution warehouse.

Pest Control & Prevention for the Warehousing Industry

When you contact Bizzy Bee as your extermination company for your distribution warehouse, we implement monitoring protocols for controlling pests before they become a problem.

If you do begin to notice signs of pests, our knowledgeable sales inspectors visit your site and perform a comprehensive evaluation at no cost. Once we determine the nature of your problem, we use products and techniques specifically designed for the warehousing industry to control your problems as safely and efficiently as possible.