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Did you know that the wrong pest treatment plan could worsen your pest problems? Every situation is different, and it’s important to trust pest control company that understands the reliability and use of various treatment methods.

Bizzy Bee Exterminators is dedicated to making your home safe and pest-free. We use the latest technology to provide the most reliable and effective home pest control treatments available. Our system uses a process known as integrated pest management, which means we use low-toxicity products in a detailed application method, ridding you of current pest problems and protecting you against possible problems in the future.

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Certified Pest Control Company

Our highly skilled and certified technicians inspect and evaluate your property at no cost to you. After a thorough inspection, we help you determine a treatment method that best suits your needs. We offer a one-time home pest control service as well as monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly plans designed to solve your specific problems.

Solid Reputation

Bizzy Bee is proud of our established reputation in Georgia and parts of South Carolina. As a local, family-owned pest control company, we treat our customers with integrity and offer reasonably priced plans customized for every need.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management is a science-based approach to pest control that prevents unacceptable levels of pests using the most economical means and the least possible risk. Unlike treatment methods of the past, this application method does not have an offensive odor. You won’t have to worry about leaving your house for hours at a time while you wait for the smell to go away. Also, integrated pest management is more environmentally sound than other treatment methods. It dispels the myth that more is better.

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