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When a hotel has to shut down a room because of pests or a bed bug infestation, it loses money quickly. Those in the hospitality industry need professional pest control services from an experienced bed bug exterminator to ensure guests receive the best experience possible and that all rooms are in working order. Bizzy Bee Exterminators helps the hospitality industry develop protocols for preventing and controlling pests so that you can keep providing clean and comfortable rooms.

If you notice signs of pests or a bed bug infestation, our knowledgeable sales inspectors visit your site and perform a comprehensive evaluation at no cost. Once we determine the nature of your problem, we use products and techniques specifically designed for the hospitality industry to control your problems safely and efficiently.

The number one pest concern the hospitality industry faces is bed bugs. However, common household pests can also plague hotels:

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Integrated Pest Management

Outdated pest control techniques use smelly products. Luckily, we no longer need to use these methods. Bizzy Bee Exterminators uses odorless and low-toxicity products that have a minimal environmental impact. This method is called integrated pest management, which prevents unacceptable levels of pests while posing the least possible risk to guests and your property.

Integrated pest management simply means responsible pest management. Our application is targeted to your specific problem, and it values the quality of pest control over the quantity. In fact, applying too much pest control product can actually worsen your problems.

Flexible Scheduling for the Hospitality Industry

We understand that hotels need to manage their pest problems as quickly as possible. Bizzy Bee can send a bed bug exterminator to your site the same day you contact us so the pest problem doesn’t spread. We understand that you don’t want guests to notice an exterminator in the building, so we offer flexible scheduling and can provide services during low-traffic times.