Termidor Defense


Termidor Controls Termites in Two Ways

First, Termidor controls termites when they eat it. Second, itcontrols termites that simply come into contact with it. Termites that come into contact with Termidor carry it on their bodies. As a result, every other termite they come into contact with will also be exposed to termiticide. This transfer effect goes on for several days, allowing the termiticide to spread throughout the entire colony.


Termidor Is Non-Repellent

Termidor termiticide is non-repellent, meaning the termites can’t see, smell, or feel it. In fact, they don’t know it’s there at all. As a result, they continue to forage in treated areas. Termites that are active in areas that have been treated with Termidor spread the termiticide to more termites. They are, in fact, helping the termiticide do its job.

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The Results Speak for Themselves

In scientific trials, Termidor consistently and effectively eliminated termites in homes and buildings and prevented future problems and damage. The United States Department of Agriculture-Forest Service has found no signs of termite damage for more than 15 years in studies of test plots treated with this product. No other termite control product on the market has been able to attain this level of performance.

When applied correctly by a Bizzy Bee professional, Termidor starts working immediately and provides 100% control of termites in three months or less.

What to Expect After an Application

Your certified Bizzy Bee professional will explain the best procedure for your unique situation. The entire application program is typically completed in a day or less. However, you may see some evidence of termite activity for several days afterward. That’s okay. Rest assured that the termiticide is working, and its unique ingestion, contact, and transfer effect will eliminate termites from your home or business. Remember, responsible termite control requires periodic inspections by a licensed pest management professional.