What comes to mind when you think of all the possible disasters that could strike your home? A housefire? Tornado? Fallen tree? Flood? It’s possible to experience any of these major events, each disaster able to cause significant damage in a short period of time.

But what about termites? These tiny insects are far less evident and slower-moving than something like a fire or flood, but the damage they can cause is just as detrimental and costly.

Here are some fast facts about termites:

  • There are over 45 species of termites in the US.
  • The Southeast is home to more termites than any other region in the country.
  • It’s estimated that one acre of land in the Southeast is home to more than eight termite colonies with up to 1 million termites per colony.
  • Georgia is ranked #2 on the list of states with the highest risk of experiencing termite damage.

And here are some fast facts about termite damage in the US:

  • Around 5 billion dollars is spent each year to prevent termites or repair the damage they have caused to homes and buildings.
  • Roughly 600,000 homes in America are affected by termites each year.
  • A termite infestation tends to remain unnoticed until significant damage has already occurred.

What Termites Are Found in Georgia?

The main termite species found in Georgia are the eastern subterranean termite, drywood termite, and Formosan termite.

Eastern Subterranean Termites

The eastern subterranean termite is the most common type of termite in the Southeast. These termites live solely underground since they can only survive through direct contact with soil, which provides the moisture they depend on for survival. When they work their way into your home, they build mud tunnels to maintain this contact. If you notice mud tunnels on your foundational slab or crawlspace walls, it indicates that these termites have found your home.

Drywood Termites

Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites prefer to feast on dry hardwood and do not require other sources of moisture to survive. While subterranean termites create their colonies underground, drywood termites form their colonies above ground in the wood structures they are currently consuming. Colonies have been found in homes’ siding, roofs, structural wood, and even furniture.

Formosan Termites

Formosan termites are related to the eastern subterranean termites and require contact with moisture to survive. However, instead of relying on moisture from the soil, they use their feces to build moisture-retaining nests inside the structures they are feeding on. These termites have earned the nickname “super termites” due to how fast they can destroy a wooden structure. While it can take up to a year for eastern subterranean termites to cause significant damage, it only takes about three months for a colony of Formosan termites to cause the same level of damage.

How to Get Rid of Termites Outside for Good

There are no natural termite control solutions that are effective at eliminating a colony or preventing infestation. And solutions are not readily available for homeowners to purchase. The only effective, proven, and approved treatment options for homeowners battling termites on their property are Termidor, a liquid termiticide, and Sentricon® bating stations, both applied by termite control experts.

Termidor Liquid Termite Control

Termidor is an efficient solution for killing an active termite infestation and preventing a new one from occurring. Upon application to the perimeter of your home, Termidor seeps into the soil to create a barrier around your home. Active termites will cross the undetectable barrier either coming to or from their colony. As soon as a termite touches the Termidor, it becomes a carrier of the termiticide. Then, every colony member the termite brushes against also becomes a carrier, and so forth. Soon, Termidor is shared throughout the colony, eradicating the entire bunch.

Termidor is an ideal treatment solution to stop an infestation if you have noticed signs of termites or have experienced termite damage. It can also prevent a colony from reaching your home to infest.

Sentricon® Baiting Stations

Sentricon® uses a series of baiting stations installed in your yard to prevent termites from ever finding your home. Each station is strategically placed in your yard near your home, and together, the stations attract termites to feed on the termiticide housed inside. The bait is ten times more enticing than your home’s wood, so the colony’s termites will prefer the station every time. The active ingredient in a station is noviflumuron, which interferes with a termite’s growth to prevent it from maturing. Ultimately, the termites that have ingested the bait will die, eventually eradicating the entire colony.

Sentricon® is the solution of choice for a homeowner who has not yet experienced damage and wants to ensure they never do. It is also effective as a long-term treatment following treatment for an infestation.

For the ultimate protection against termites, choose termite control services from Bizzy Bee Exterminators.

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