Termite damage can compromise a home’s foundation and deplete a homeowner’s finances! It’s vital to have termite insurance to protect one of your largest investments. We’re proud to offer premier termite treatment services.

Termite Behavior & Communication

Understanding how termites behave and communicate can provide a huge advantage for homeowners in the fight to protect their home. (However, you don’t have to fight alone. Our team will gladly implement proven termite treatment that will protect your home from these costly creatures!) Discover how termites behave and communicate:

Termites Live in Colonies

Termites live in colonies that reflect the caste system – king, queen, secondary queen, soldier, winged, reproductive, and workers. Each caste has different roles and responsibilities to help the colony survive. When your Bizzy Bee Exterminator applies termite treatment around your home, he knows the treatment must reach the king and queens in order to be most effective. Without the queens, the colony will fail.

Termites Swarm to Start a New Colony

Termites live underground and near homes unless they are swarming. These winged creatures swarm when they are ready to mate and initiate a new colony. When you see hundreds or thousands of termites swarming, it’s vital you call Bizzy Bee Exterminators right away.

Termites Send Vibrations

Termites send vibrations to alert each other of danger! To create vibrations, a termite will hit its head against the tunnel wall. The termites cannot hear these vibrations, but they can feel them. This tells them there is danger nearby. (Did you know? Humans can hear when the termite hits its head on the wall! It’s one of the signs that termites are present.)

Termites Release Pheromones

Termites cannot hear or see, so their main way to communicate is by releasing pheromones. This scent is specific to the colony, so the termites will not get confused with other termite colonies that may be nearby. They release this special scent to notify other termites of danger or food. (Make sure your home is NOT a food source for termites! Call us today: 1-800-273-4958)

Bizzy Bee Exterminators are your expert termite technicians! We will protect your home, so you can eliminate any worries you have about termites.

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