elder woman smiles in her garden as she plants flowersFire ants are tiny insects with major aggression. These pests attack anything or anyone that are close to their mounds, leaving their victim with itchy white bumps that normally disappear after 30 – 60 minutes. Discover simple tips to follow to avoid fire ant bites altogether.

Wear Shoes & Socks When Playing Outside

The weather is still nice outside so it’s likely that you’re opting for sandals or flip flops when you hang out in the backyard. However, ants can creep between your shoe and foot and bite you. If possible, always wear close-toed shoes and socks when you’re outside to avoid getting bitten.

Wear Gloves & Appropriate Shoes When You Garden

From mowing your lawn to planting a flower garden, there is much to be done in the fall season! You’ll likely come across a fire ant mound as you work. Make sure you wear gloves and appropriate shoes, such as close-toed tennis shoes or boots, when you do yard work of any kind.

Check for Mound Formations

It’s important to always be watchful of forming fire ant mounds so you can eradicate the issue before it becomes a huge problem. Fire ants love to build their mounds in the ground, underneath driveways, between sidewalk cracks, in tree stumps, at the bottom of fences, and in crawlspaces.

Identify & Remove Nests

Overall, the best way to avoid fire ants is by identifying and removing fire ant mounds altogether. Because fire ants can cause life threatening issues such as anaphylaxis, it’s important to leave this removal process to trained professionals who have the appropriate products and safety clothing.

Bizzy Bee Exterminators is your fire ant removal expert! We can locate the nest, spray certified products (safe for humans), and ease your concerns about fire ants. Contact us today: 1-800-273-4958.