pest-freeThis New Year, make a resolution that will affect change for the entire family: protect your home or business from frustrating pests. From termites to roaches, your home endures plenty of unwanted guests. However, with Bizzy Bee Exterminator’s services, we are able to establish a pest-free space for you!

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Check out several of our many services we offer:

Termite Control

What’s worse than hosting an unwanted guest at your home for years without realizing it? That specific guest costing you thousands of dollars in repairs! Termites are irritating, tiny pests that are active 24/7. To the untrained eye, it’s impossible to see their initial activity. But, when you hire a licensed pest control professional, we will conduct a thorough investigation then suggest an effective plan of action.

Wildlife Exclusion

It’s chilly outside, and many animals are seeking warmth from places such as your basement, garage, and attic. These animals should not be ignored as they can create huge problems such as structural damage, urine stains, foul droppings, and damaged insulation. Our team at Bizzy Bee Exterminators is highly trained to discover which animal is hiding within your home and making a ruckus. After identifying the animal and its location, we will evict him from your home.

Bird Barrier: StealthNet

Birds are a frustrating nuisance when they find their way into your office building and cannot escape. Not only are they a distraction, but their droppings are a health issue. Thankfully, there is a permanent solution to this irritating occurrence – the StealthNet. This almost invisible net requires no maintenance and keeps birds out without harming them.

These are only three of many Bizzy Bee Exterminator services. No matter what service you choose, we promise complete professionalism and high-quality work. Contact us today for any exterminator needs you have.