clean pest free living space

Are you ready for pests to be gone for good? The Bizzy Bee Exterminators provide high-quality pest control services so you can say goodbye to bugs for good! Discover several frequently asked questions about our pest control:

Is your pest control product safe for humans?

Our integrated pest management utilizes a product that is safe for humans and deadly for pests! Additionally, we are very strategic in our application, ensuring the spray attacks the main areas the pests are hiding or nesting.

Will l see bugs after the initial spray?

When we do our initial spray, we are disrupting the pests’ habitat and forcing them to evacuate. They are desperately trying to find a new place to hide; however, they have already contacted the deadly spray so it’s only a matter of time before they will die. After the initial spike in pests, you will not see pests regularly.

What should I expect from the technician?

Your friendly technician will ask you if you’ve seen any pests and where they were located. He will check the outside and inside of your home for any signs of pest activity. And, he will conduct a thorough pest control treatment.

What happens if I see pests between treatments?

Give us a call! We offer free re-services in each of our three pest control options. You can choose which pest control plan fits your needs:

Option 1 – 6 Scheduled Pest Protection Services & Free Re-Services

Option 2 – 6 Scheduled Pest Protection Services, Free Re-Services, Extended fire Ant Treatments, &

Seasonal Mosquito Reduction Service

Option 3 – 6 Scheduled Pest Protection Services, Free Re-Services, Extended Fire Ant Treatments, Seasonal Mosquito Reduction Services, Seasonal Snake Repellent Services, & Sentricon® Termite Baiting System

Bizzy Bee Exterminators is Your Premier Pest-Control Company

Living with pests can disrupt your daily activities and cause stress! Bizzy Bee Exterminators is proud to offer affordable, thorough pest control services. Give us a call today to schedule a free household pest control estimate: 1-800-273-4958.