Did you know that most homeowner’s insurance does not cover termite damage? Choosing the right termite control is vital for a healthy home foundation and financial protection. You work hard for your money, so let Sentricon – a proven termite control product – work hard for you! Learn more about Sentricon:

Sentricon works in a four-step process.

The effectiveness of the Sentricon system is in the process. Allow us to explain how the Sentricon bait system works and why it is so effective:

Step 1: Sentricon specialist installs the stations. Your specialist will install the Sentricon stations strategically around your home. The stations are in the ground and only accessible using a key into the service cover.

Step 2: Termites forage for food. As the termites forage for food (your home!), they will discover the Sentricon bait systems and begin devouring it. They will share the food with other termites and the elimination process begins!

Step 3: The colony is eliminated. Noviflumuron is the active ingredient in Sentricon. This ingredient does not allow termites to molt. Unable to molt, they cannot live.

Step 4: Your home is protected. Your bait systems from step one stay in-ground and are serviced yearly to ensure 24/7 protection.

Benefits of Sentricon

Millions of homeowners in the United States have chosen to protect their investment by using Sentricon bait systems. Homeowners reap many benefits such as:

  • 24/7 protection of your home.
  • Termites prefer Sentricon bait over lumber.
  • Your home will remain structurally sound.
  • Once a year maintenance from your trusted pest control company.
  • Delayed death of termites, allowing them to pass the Noviflumuron to the rest of the colony.
  • Sentricon is an award-winning product, receiving the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for superior environmentally responsible chemistry.

Don’t waste another moment of your day dealing with worry! Instead, allow us to expect your home and talk to you about Sentricon or other termite control options.

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