Did you know that May is the best month to sell a home? Summer break is close by, the weather is beautiful, and buyers likely have extra cash to spend (thanks to tax refunds). If you want to sell your home, now is the time to request a termite letter and inspection. This can accelerate the home-selling process and help you take advantage of the sellers’ market.

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Bizzy Bee Exterminator Termite Inspection

Termite damage accounts for billions of dollars each year in house-related repairs. It’s imperative to catch these pests early. Be on the lookout for signs of termites such as mud tunnels, hollow-sounding wood, pinholes in wallpaper, or piles of small termite wings. If you notice any of these signs or simply want a professional exterminator to inspect your home, contact Bizzy Bee Exterminators.

Through our comprehensive inspection, we will be able to discover any existing termites or detect areas in your home that may attract these pests. Then, we can take the appropriate measures to eliminate the termites. We have three professional treatment options available – Termidor, Bora-Care, and Advance. These treatments are extremely effective and offer long-term protection.

Bizzy Bee Exterminator Termite Letter

An Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report, or more commonly known as a termite letter, is essential when you want to buy or sell a home. After a Bizzy Bee Exterminator inspects your home for termites or termite damage, he will create this report. It will answer questions such as where damage was found, what organism caused the damage, evidence of previous treatment, and more.

Having this report can speed up the process of buying or selling a home. Call Bizzy Bee Exterminators at 1-800-273-4958 to schedule an appointment.