leafproofA gutter is an absolute necessity for your home – but choosing the right one is even more important! The Leafproof gutter guard is the most technologically advanced gutter protection system on the market. It does more than keep rodents out of your gutter and attic, it can:

  • Blend with your roofline
  • Fit your existing gutter system
  • Handle any downpour
  • Keep leaves out
  • & More!

Consider the following benefits of the Leafproof gutter guard. Then, call the Bizzy Bee exterminators at 1-800-273-4958 for your installation! 

Benefit #1: Leafproof Prevents Birds & Animals from Nesting

Animals and birds are huge nuisances to real estate – specifically to your gutter. The damp, dark, and often clogged gutter provides the perfect nesting ground for wild animals. However, your attic is only inches away from their nest and they often find their way inside. That’s when the problem truly becomes intolerable. The animals will invade your attic and, even worse, repopulate! You can avoid this infestation by allowing the Bizzy Bee exterminators to install the Leafproof gutter protection system.

Benefit #2: Protects Your Gutters from Ice Dams During Winter

Ice dams are also a huge concern for a gutter’s life span. It’s easy to think that ice issues are “out of sight and out of mind” due to the warm summer months we’re experiencing right now, but when winter comes, even Georgia experiences cold weather capable to produce ice. An ice dam can damage your roof, gutter, and downspout. Be proactive by allowing us to install the Leafproof gutter guard!

Benefit #3: Keeps You Out of Dangerous Situations

Unfortunately, ladder injuries are responsible for millions of hospital visits each year. With Leafproof, the hassle and danger of climbing on a ladder is eliminated. Let the Bizzy Bee exterminators do the work for you! Our exterminators are certified technicians who can do thorough inspections and evaluations. We promise flexible scheduling and next-day service.

Don’t hesitate to call us today at 1-800-273-4958 for your installation or inspection!