When most people think about pest control service, they may have an image of an exterminator showing up at their home to spray and set mouse traps. Of course, homes are obviously not the only places that need pest control. Virtually all structures that are inhabited by people require some sort of pest control. One specific industry that requires efficient extermination and control is the warehouse industry.


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warehouse pest controlWarehouse pest control is essential for protecting the vast array of products and goods that are just waiting to be shipped out to customers around the world. Especially when it comes to perishable products (like food), warehouses cannot afford the contamination that rodents, insects, and other pests bring with them. Pests bring germs and diseases that can infect food and other perishable products which are then shipped off for human use and consumption.


Tips for Fighting Pests

There are some basic steps that warehouse owners can take prior to calling an exterminator:

  • Fit all windows with heavy-duty screens.
  • Install doors that show no light in the seal or jamb.
  • Keep your facility and storage area organized and uncluttered to discourage rodent nesting.
  • Place all dumpsters and garbage cans away from the building and clean them often.


Why You Need Bizzy Bee

warehouse pest controlHowever, to truly safeguard your products against contamination that pests bring with them, it’s crucial to have a certified pest control company bolster your defense. Bizzy Bee employs green solutions in our warehouse pest control approach. We take great care in our approach by using mechanical traps, bait stations, as well as odorless and low toxicity products rather than traditional pesticides.


We provide inspection and prevention protocols to control pests before they ever have a chance to invade your warehouse. Bizzy Bee provides a host of products and techniques designed specifically for the unique needs of the warehouse pest control.


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