magnifying glass above a bedHow much do you know about bed bugs other than you definitely don’t want these critters in your bed?! Keep reading to learn interesting and important facts about bed bugs:

Bed bugs love warm, cozy fabric.

Bed bugs don’t just hide in your bedding. They also hide in cozy fabric such as cotton clothes, luggage, and furniture. They know that cozy fabric is associated with people or pets – their go-to feeding grounds.

Bed bug bites can cause rashes.

If you’ve been bit by a bed bug, you will likely see a large red rash near the site. Many people find relief from the itching and burning sensation by applying anti-itch cream to the location. The rash normally disappears in one to two weeks, but you’ll need expert treatment to eliminate the bed bugs.

Bed bugs can starve and die.

Many people invest in bed bug mattress covers that trap bed bugs inside. Because they are unable to get out, they eventually starve and die. It’s also important to wash bedding at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, as this is the temperature that can kill bed bugs.

Bed bugs feed multiple times at night.

Have you spotted several mosquito-like bites on your body that are in the same area? This could be a sign of bed bug bites, as they will feed multiple times at night and in the same spot. Blood stains, feces, and crushed reddish-brown colors on your sheets are also signs of a bed bug infestation.

Bizzy Bee Exterminators is here for you!

What’s worse than finding bed bugs in your bed? Finding bed bugs all over your home! You’ll need an expert bed bug exterminator to find the infestations and eliminate them completely. Our team is certified and knowledgeable to find these infestations and help you return your home to its safe haven status. Give us a call today if you suspect bed bugs: 1-800-273-4958.