fire ant bitingFire ants are a unique pest in that they are not only an annoyance, but encounters with them can end up being painful. Fire ants are aggressive and will sting anything disruptive to their environment. They are capable of multiple stings which can cause a burning, itching sensation. Those who are allergic to their venom can experience nausea, swelling, chest pain, and loss of breath, requiring immediate medical attention. Despite their small size, fire ants are a pest you absolutely do not want to overlook!

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Preventing Fire Ants Before they Colonize

If you live in a region that is prone to fire ant problems, one of the best things you can do is to make your property less attractive to fire ants before they ever colonize near you:

fire ants

  • If you have any trees that produce fruit, keep the fruit off of the ground and pick the fruit when it becomes ripe.
  • Keep garbage cans sealed and far away from your home or any other structures, and clean them with ammonia occasionally.
  • Keep mulch and pine straw away from any structures and rake them regularly to avoid moisture buildup.
  • Your lawn should be cut low so that they don’t have much shelter and be sure to remove grass clippings or piles of leaves or wood. These types of things are sought out by fire ants.

Following these steps will eliminate much of what fire ants need to survive and should help keep them away from your property.

How Bizzy Bee Can Help With Infestations

The best way to get rid of fire ants is to have a certified exterminator handle the problem. The technicians at Bizzy Bee are experts in locating the main source of your fire ant infestation. By using the latest and most effective treatments, we can eliminate them effectively. At Bizzy Bee, our products are safe for humans, pets, your land, and it will not seep into groundwater. Our pest management methods will ensure the control of your fire ant problem.

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