bird repellantWhen people think of pests they generally think of insects or rodents. However, birds can be very annoying pests as well, especially when they invade parking garages and other residential structures. When they fly into factories and warehouses though, they can become much more than a simple nuisance and require a bird repellent. Bird droppings can present serious issues such as:  contamination, general uncleanliness, destruction of electrical equipment, and damaging of various goods. Additionally, bird droppings contain acid which can be very corrosive.

Keeping birds out should be a priority!

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Bizzy Bee is a certified installer of Bird Barrier’s bird repellent system: StealthNet. This bird netting system is made of polyethylene twine, which is the perfect combination of super thin and super strong material. It’s virtually invisible and is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. The StealthNet has many benefits, including:

  • Effective against all bird species
  • Lasts up to ten years
  • No maintenance required
  • UV ray resistant
  • Water resistant

It comes in three colors: black, white, and beige, as well as six standard sizes plus custom sizes to meet your needs. Another thing that we love about Bird Barrier’s StealthNet is that it’s humane. Bird repellent systems are specifically designed to keep birds out without harming them.

bird repellentIt’s of the upmost importance to have Bizzy Bee install the StealthNet to ensure that it is installed properly. If the StealthNet is installed incorrectly, there’s a huge risk of gaps within the lining, allowing birds to slip through. Bizzy Bee uses a variety of fastening devices that can be used on any building material.

With the StealthNet installed, you won’t have to worry about pesky birds getting inside of your facility and ruining your goods and products anymore.

Keep birds out of your facility for good.

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