mosquito on somebody's finger tipFall is in full swing, and so are frustrating mosquitos! These tiny pests love warm weather, especially any weather over 80 degrees. But did you know that they’re active in 50-degree weather, as well? Let us debunk a few myths concerning mosquitos for you and explain how your Bizzy Bee Exterminator team can help you with a mosquito infestation.

Myth 1: My blood type makes me prone to mosquito bites.

This is probably the most popular myth, but very false! Your blood type has nothing to do concerning whether a mosquito bites you. A mosquito may be more prone to bite you based on present skin bacteria, but your blood type does not contribute to that equation.

Myth 2: Women are more susceptible to mosquito bites.

Getting bit by a mosquito has nothing to do with gender! Mosquitos are attracted to the heat and carbon dioxide that is emitted from our bodies. That being said, larger people tend to emit more heat and carbon dioxide than smaller people which is why children are less likely to get bitten if adults are nearby.

Myth 3: Bats will fix my mosquito problem.

Did you know that when beetles or cicadas are present, a bat will choose that for dinner over mosquitos? Bats like to eat mosquitos, but they won’t eliminate your mosquito problem altogether. To fix your mosquito problem, you need a trained exterminator to eliminate your mosquitos.

How the Bizzy Bee Exterminator Team Can Help

Mosquito control is our forte! We have a trained exterminator team ready to implement a mosquito-killing product (safe for humans) in specific locations to target the mosquito population. With this product in place, you can enjoy the outdoors and not feel anxious about getting bitten by a disease-carrying mosquito. Do you have questions? Give us a call today: 1-800-273-4958.