Wildlife Exclusion

Your First Choice for Wildlife Exclusion Services

If you’re hearing unusual noises in your walls, attic, or basement, it is likely that wildlife has taken up residence in your home. The first step in evicting these critters is to call Bizzy Bee for a thorough inspection conducted by our certified technicians.

We determine which animal is at the source of your problem and present you with a timely treatment plan that is humane and effective. After excluding the offending wildlife, we identify how the animal gained entrance to your home. By working with you to block these entrances, we exclude wildlife from returning.

Call Bizzy Bee

at 1.800.273.4958 to receive a wildlife exclusion estimate.

We Provide Services to Exclude:

  • Squirrels or bats in the attic
  • Birds nesting in overhangs or chimneys
  • Raccoons and opossums in garages and basements
  • Mice and rat problems
  • Snakes, foxes, or other wildlife frequenting your property

Evidence of Wildlife

  • Gnawing damage to wood, wiring, or furniture
  • Animal droppings and urine stains
  • Unexplainable foul odors
  • Thumping or scratching noises inside walls and ceilings, especially at night
  • Damaged insulation

Intruding wildlife can cause costly damage to structures and wiring, and can expose your family to bacteria, viruses, and parasites. No matter the animal or its location, our professionals will determine the most efficient way to exclude wildlife and prevent it from coming back.

Why Choose Bizzy Bee Exterminators?

Bizzy Bee Exterminators provides comprehensive pest and wildlife control for most of Georgia and parts of South Carolina. Our customers trust us to provide quality services that are low-toxicity and environmentally safe.

The benefits of choosing Bizzy Bee for your wildlife control and pest control services include: