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Your at-home fun in the sun can quickly turn into a frustrating problem if mosquitos are in the yard or on the porch with you. Now is the time to enjoy your outdoor spaces, but mosquitoes can make it too miserable to even go outside.

If you’re interested in applying mosquito control to your yard, let us answer a few common questions about treatment:

Where Will My Technician Spray for Mosquitoes in My Yard?

Your technician will evaluate your yard and look for common shelter areas and gathering spots for mosquitoes. You’re likely to find mosquitoes in places like:

  • Shrubs and bushes
  • Consistently wet or damp areas of the yard
  • Stagnant water (such as a pond, birdbath, or out-of-operation fountain)
  • Beneath decks and porches

Your technician will find the features of your yard that are likely to house mosquitoes and apply treatment to eliminate them at the source.

Does My Grass Need Treatment?

If you are only in need of mosquito control for your yard, your tech will not apply any spray to your grass. It’s not a normal hot spot for mosquitoes, so grass treatment would not be necessary.

Can the Weather Disturb Mosquito Treatment?

Our short answer: no.

Our long answer: It’s easy to assume certain weather conditions, especially rain, make your treatment less effective. However, sprays for mosquito control are not likely to wash away in the event of a storm or any sort of rainfall. Treatment sprays only need 45 minutes to dry after application. Once that time is up, the application will have adhered to whatever surface it’s on, staying in place and not breaking down if it comes into contact with water.

What Should I Do if It Does Rain After Treatment?

If it rains directly after your mosquito treatment, pay attention to the state of your yard. Spraying solutions are usually in full effect 30-45 minutes after an application. Rain and other weather conditions should not cause your treatment to fail, allowing you to have a mosquito-free space after your technician visits.

However, if it rains following your treatment and you notice mosquitoes in your yard, contact your technician for a follow-up.

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