a family enjoying a nice day in their backyard

Fire ants are more than just a nuisance. They can be a threat to your health, lawn, and social gatherings. Allow us to explain the impact fire ants can have on your life and what you can do about it:

How Fire Ants Impact Your Life

Fire ants are relatively tiny creatures, ranging from small (1/16”) to large (1/4”). So, how can such small pests wreak massive havoc on your life? The havoc can be attributed to their aggressive nature and painful bite and sting. Three ways they impact can impact your life include socially, environmentally, and concerning your health. Take a look at the details:

Fire ants can have a social impact on your life. Have you ever been playing in the backyard or having a picnic on your grass and you spot fire ants? You likely went inside or packed up your picnic and left the area. These little creatures should not force you to change your social habits, ultimately making you feel unsafe in your own backyard!

Fire ants can have an environmental impact, as well. It’s common knowledge that fire ants are an aggressive breed of ants, but not only toward humans when they feel threatened. They are also aggressive to other ground-dwelling insects! Fire ants can attack and kill other vital insects on your property that contribute to a healthy eco-system.

Fire ants can cause a negative health impact for both people and animals. When a fire ant feels threatened, it will latch onto your skin with its mandibles (a part of its mouth) then sting you multiple times. You may feel a burning and itching sensation. Your immune system may identify the venom as an intruder (because it is), and release a chemical called histamine to fight the venom off. However, an overproduction of histamine may send you into anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening condition.

Eliminate Fire Ants for a Safer Tomorrow

Fire ants have a place in the ecosystem, but they do not have a place in your lawn or near your home! You have pets and children to protect, and Bizzy Bee Exterminators is here to help you eliminate fire ants to ensure safety and peace of mind. Through our proven treatment methods, we can destroy the fire ants and their colony. Don’t wait another day to safeguard your home and lawn against fire ants. Call Bizzy Bee Exterminators: 1-800-273-4958