healthcare facilitiesYour patients trust you and your facility to help them feel better. They know that you will find the source of the problem and lead them on the road to recovery. Since people who are ill often frequent your office, it’s vital to keep your environment as clean as possible so their immune system isn’t compromised. Unfortunately, frustrating pests can creep into healthcare facilities and bring harmful bacteria. Thankfully, the Bizzy Bee Exterminators can help!

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A pest infestation can be devastating to healthcare facilities. Take a moment to learn how the Bizzy Bee Exterminators can eliminate this threat while maintaining the utmost care for your facility and patients:

Understanding Integrated Pest Management

Ants and flying insects are the two most common pests that are found in healthcare facilities. This poses a challenge to healthcare providers since these types of pests can multiply in little time. That’s why it’s important to act fast! If you see a handful of ants or flying insects throughout your facility, don’t ignore them. They are likely leading the others toward your workplace.

The Bizzy Bee Exterminators use Integrated Pest Management which boasts low-toxicity to humans but is lethal to pests. We care what we are putting into the air, so we have gone above and beyond to ensure our products are formulated with the environment in mind.

Why Flexible Scheduling is Important

It’s a part of life to encounter problems in the workplace such as pest infestations. But, we understand that you don’t necessarily want your patients to know about those issues. We provide flexible scheduling to perform our Integrated Pest Management servicing when your patients are not in the office.

We will first inspect and evaluate the issue, then explain the benefits of each available treatment option. After receiving direction from you, we will begin the treatment. Bizzy Bee Exterminators guarantee all of our work because we fully believe in our products and technicians.

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