Pastel blue walls in basement living room interior. Large corner sofa with blue pillows and ottoman. Vintage white and blue TV cabinet. Northwest, USA

Pests love three things – food, water, and shelter. If their bellies are full of food and water and they have a good place to hide from humans, they’ll set up their own home inside of yours. Discover three pest control tips to ensure a pest-free basement:

1. Pest Control Tip: Eliminate Food Sources

Pests will find a food source in your basement, whether you eat in your basement or not. If it’s not food, it could be other small insects or decaying organic matter. Once pests determine that your basement is a source of food, they are there to stay. Keep your basement free of pests by regularly sweeping or vacuuming your basement. If you store food in your basement for extra storage, make sure the containers are tightly sealed and pest-proof. Pests in your food pose more than one problem.

2. Pest Control Tip: Get Rid of Water Sources

You don’t have to have a constant trickling creek in your backyard to attract a variety of pests onto your property and into your basement. A damp, moist environment will suffice! If your basement is prone to moisture buildup.

First, identify the source of the problem and fix it (i.e., faulty bathroom fan, leaking pipe, poorly sealed windows, etc.). Second, use a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air. Third, check your rainwater pipes on the side of your home. If rainwater is emptying right next to your home, your soil and foundation will attract pests. Use pipes to move rainwater away from your home.

3. Pest Control Tip: Remove Pest Shelter

Shelters like finding shelter in places that are dark and not moved often. And, they love clutter! Keep a clean basement by using plastic storage units (not cardboard) and getting things off the floor. Further, seal any cracks you see that lead outside, secure your windows, and use a rubber door sweep to keep pests from crawling through the small space.

Health Threats that Pests Pose to Humans

More than just a nuisance, pests in the home pose real health threats to humans. Cockroaches spread bacteria, pathogens, and parasitic worms. Rodents can spread disease. And other insects can trigger allergies and asthma due to their urine, feces, molting, and shedding of scales.

Don’t let your health take a hit because of tiny pests or bigger rodents that have made themselves welcome in your home. Our team can identify the entryways these pests and rodents are using to get into your home and use quality pest control measures to eliminate the problem.

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