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Bora-Care is an effective, environment-friendly termite control product that is here to stay. Bora-Care’s active ingredient – borate salt – does not harm the structure to which it is applied. It’s important to note that Bora-Care is directly applied to the structure of a home or business, not the soil around it. This means that Bora-Care will remain active and protect the structure for as long as the structure exists. Bora-Care does not break down or get watered down with rain and storms. Allow us to explain how Bora-Care eliminates termites and the many benefits of this product:

How Bora-Care Eliminates Termites

Bora-Care is extremely effective when eliminating termites because the borate salt targets the termites’ ability to process nutrition. Once the termite has ingested the borate salt, it will literally starve to death. Because the consequence is deadly, the termites can’t “outsmart” the product. The termites will either die or abandon the wood because they see other termites in the colony dying.

This product also works on frustrating insects such as carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, cockroaches, and silverfish. More than just your home’s foundation, Bora-Care can be applied to other structures that contact soil such as fences, decks, porches, or greenhouses.

Benefits of Bora-Care

The benefits of Bora-Care are numerous! In addition to being a low-toxicity product that’s lethal for insects but safe for humans and pets, you can expect the following from Bora-Care termite control:

  • It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • It destroys and protects against fungi.
  • It will penetrate and protect all types of wood.
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • It will protect the structure to which it is applied for the life of the wood.

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We would be happy to talk to you about which termite control is best for you! Sentricon, Termidor, and Bora-Care are three products that we stand by and gladly apply to people’s homes or businesses. We believe they are effective and will protect your home/business for years to come! If you missed parts one and two in our three-part series about termite control, make sure you check them out: