a couple enjoying their backyard

Mosquitoes buzzing near your face and pricking your skin for a feeding can make spring unbearable. Along with professional mosquito treatment, you can take your mosquito prevention methods one step further by implementing these tips:

Dump & Refill Water Sources Regularly

Bird baths and water features are two of many water sources that are a mosquito’s paradise, as mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. But, we don’t want you to go without these beautiful lawn additions because of pesky mosquitoes. We encourage you to dump and refill water sources weekly, as this will disrupt the mosquitoes’ breeding cycle. In addition to lawn features, remember to address other water-collecting basins such as a dog’s drinking bowl, kiddie pool, tires, or an upside-down trash can lid.

Switch Your Outdoor Lights to Bug Lights

Mosquitoes are drawn to light due to phototaxis, a natural bodily movement toward light with which many pests possess. Fortunately for humans, we can use this to our advantage! There are certain lights that mosquitoes and other bugs do not like because the wavelength interrupts their process. Consider purchasing a “bug light” at a local store and replacing the light you have on your porch or deck. (Don’t worry – we aren’t suggesting a bug light that zaps the bugs. Instead, a light that dissuades them from approaching the premises.)

Protect Your Skin

Mosquito bites can be frustrating and itch like crazy! If you are outside during dusk and dawn specifically – as these are the two times of day that mosquitoes are most active, we encourage you to wear long sleeves and pants and/or spray insect repellant on your bare skin.

Bizzy Bee Exterminators Can Help Eliminate Your Mosquito Problem

The Bizzy Bee Exterminators have perfected a mosquito control method that can greatly reduce the mosquito population around your home and lawn! Our proven method is 100% deadly for mosquitoes and 100% safe for humans. Don’t waste a beautiful spring evening indoors due to frustrating mosquitoes. Call us today: 1-800-273-4958