a snake on a tableThere aren’t many people who entertain the thought of sharing their home or lawn with snakes. Venomous or not, it can be a frightening sight to see a snake slither through your living room. Thankfully, your snake removal experts are here to help! Keep reading to learn helpful tips to reduce the likelihood of a snake entering your home.

Seal Cracks

Because snakes are reptiles, they are cold-blooded. This means that to warm up, they must lie in the sun or find warm places. Also, to cool down, they must find shade. This poses a problem to homeowners who find snakes in their warm crawlspace or garage during wintertime. To avoid welcoming snakes into your warm home, seal any cracks in your foundation so they cannot slither through them and take refuge from the cold weather.

Repair Holes

We think of snakes as creatures that are confined to the ground due to their limbless nature, but did you know that they can climb? Some snakes are very good climbers which presents an issue for homeowners if there are holes in their siding at all levels. Make it a habit to walk around your home regularly and look for any holes that are large enough for a snake to go through. By repairing these holes, you are taking an important step to keep snakes (and other rodents) from entering your home.

Call a Snake Removal Expert

It is more common for a person to get bit by a snake when trying to handle it rather than the snake attacking for no reason. This is why it’s imperative to call a snake removal expert to eliminate your reptile issue! Bizzy Bee Exterminators have snake removal experts on staff who can safely and efficiently confiscate the snake, enhancing the safety of your home. We highly recommend you do not try to remove the snake yourself.

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