Annoying household brown marmorated stink bug in macro close up photo

As the random bouts of warm weather fade off, stink bugs will begin to search for places to keep warm in the winter. No one wants a stink bug infestation by the tens or hundreds! And that’s exactly what could happen if you don’t take precautions. Allow us to offer a few tips on how to prevent a stink bug infestation.

Prevent a Stink Bug Infestation with These Simple Tips

Fortunately, you can prevent a stink bug infestation by sealing cracks and gaps all over your home. These tips can be the difference maker between a pest-free home or a stink bug infestation! Check it out:

1. Install weather stripping around doors. If you can see light or space between your door and the doorway, that gives a stink bug plenty of room to squeeze through and into your home! Install weather stripping around your doors to keep the stink bugs – and cold gusts of air – out.

2. Keep the perimeter of your home free of edible debris. Stink bugs love to eat! Don’t give them any reason to get near your home by having edible debris like vegetation around your home.

3. Seal cracks and gaps leading into your home. Whether there are gaps near your windows or cracks in your siding, seal them up. If a stink bug is crawling on your home, they’ll enter through any space they can. Don’t forget to check your crawlspace and foundation! “Out of sight, out of mind” is a recipe for a stink bug infestation.

4. Cap your chimney if not in use. If you will not use your fireplace this winter, make sure to cap or screen it to keep pests out, including stink bugs! This will also help keep rodents out during winter and wasps out during spring.

These tips can minimize or eliminate the chance of a stink bug infestation. If you already have an infestation or are noticing stink bugs in your home here and there, give us a call right away: 1-800-273-4958

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