The most common pests that plague the food industry are flies, cockroaches, and rodents. Even with your best defense, these pests can still hide in places you can’t see. However, the Bizzy Bee exterminators are here to help!

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Let’s take a closer look at the three common food industry pests:

Food Industry Pest #1: Flies

Flies are incredibly frustrating because of their ability to fly away from you (and their ability to dodge the fly swatter). But, even worse, they are attracted to anything with an aroma. This includes your delicious food or unpleasant garbage.

When they land on the food or garbage, their legs grab hold of it and they carry it with them. If the fly lands on your food, they often drop what they were holding! This is a huge problem in the food industry, as no one wants their food to be contaminated.

Food Industry Pest #2: Cockroaches

Cockroaches love dark hiding places which makes them nearly impossible to see. In the food industry, cockroaches are a huge problem due to their feces and eggs. If a cockroach chooses your restaurant as her next breeding ground, your restaurant could quickly be overrun by cockroaches. You don’t want your customers to see cockroaches scurrying around on the floor or – even worse – in their food.

Additionally, a problem we see often is cockroach droppings. This looks like black pepper specks and is completely unsanitary. If you see droppings, contact the Bizzy Bee exterminators today to help rid your restaurant of cockroaches.

Food Industry Pest #3: Rodents

Rodents don’t hide as well as cockroaches and can’t fly. But, they are definitely a nuisance and a huge issue for the food service industry. Many rodents get into get into restaurants through open doors or even small crevices. Open dumpsters and dumpster areas that aren’t kept clean attract rodents.

Don’t let rodents, cockroaches, or flies be an issue anymore! Bizzy Bee can conduct pest control services at your restaurant or kitchen. However, remember prevention is key. If you do begin to notice signs of pests, our knowledgeable sales inspectors visit your site and perform a comprehensive evaluation at no cost. 

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