closeup look of an fire ant nest

Spring and fall are a fire ant’s favorite time of the year because the weather is just right. Frustratingly, fire ant infestations can cause a huge headache for homeowners! Allows us to answer frequently asked questions about fire ants:

How can I identify a fire ant?

The most obvious way to identify a fire ant is to see its reddish-brown color. However, you may not want to get too close, as they might feel threatened and try to bite you. One way you can identify the presence of fire ants is if you examine their mound (from a safe distance). Fire ant mounds are typically found in open, sunny areas like fields, lawns, and parks – places you DON’T want fire ants to be.

Are there different species of fire ants?

Yes, there are many different species of fire ants but the most common species that afflict Georgians are the Red Imported Fire Ant, Southern Fire Ant, and Tropical Fire Ant. Each species prefers different environments to colonize, so understanding that aspect can help you identify which fire ant you’re dealing with.

Can you be allergic to a fire ant bite?

Yes, some people are allergic to fire ant bites. If a person is bit by many, they may experience anaphylactic shock symptoms such as trouble breathing, rash, swollen face, and more. These symptoms occur because your immune system is releasing histamine, a chemical that is trying to combat the fire ant venom. If you experience anaphylactic shock symptoms, use an epinephrine injector, and call 911 immediately for medical help.

What should I expect from professional fire ant treatment?

We can’t speak for any other company but our own. When you hire Bizzy Bee Exterminators, you can expect that our treatment:

  • Is safe for people and pets
  • Is safe for grazing animals
  • Will not harm landscape
  • Will not get into groundwater

It will do only what it is meant to do – eliminate fire ant colonies.

How can an exterminator help?

Whether you are trying to prevent a fire ant infestation or need to eliminate an existing colony, an exterminator can target then exterminate the problem. Many do-it-yourself efforts are ineffective and end up costing the homeowner more in time, money, and peace of mind rather than trusting an exterminator from the beginning.

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