Scorpions are classified as arachnids, just like their cousin – the spider. Scorpions have an elongated tail with a stinger on the end and claws to help them when they eat. If you spot a scorpion in your home or around your property, you’ll want to implement scorpion control measures to rid them from your home. Allow us to answer four frequently asked questions about scorpion control.

How can I tell if I have scorpions?

Scorpions do not show signs of infestation like other pests. The only way to know if you have a scorpion issue is if you spot a scorpion. This is different from other pests like cockroaches which leave droppings, or termites which leave pinpoint holes in drywall. If you spot a scorpion, call us right away: 1-800-273-4958

What threats do scorpions pose?

When scorpions feel threatened, they will use their stinger to defend themselves. If you are stung by a scorpion, you may feel tingling, swelling, numbness, and pain. A scorpion sting will rarely cause more extensive pain unless you are allergic to its venom. If you’re allergic and/or have trouble breathing, you should call for medical help right away.


How can I prevent a scorpion infestation?  

Implementing scorpion control tips is the best way to prevent an infestation altogether. Consider these three:


  1. Double-Check Outdoor Items – Sometimes, scorpions find themselves inside a home because they hide in firewood or a plant brought indoors. Before bringing in outdoor items, double-check that you aren’t picking up a hitchhiker.


  1. Seal Gaps & Openings – Scorpions may enter your home through small gaps and openings under windows, doors, and cracks in the foundation. This contributes to basements and crawlspaces being hot spots for scorpions to thrive.


  1. Maintain Your Vegetation – This scorpion control tip extends to all other pests, as well. When you keep a 2-foot gap between your home and vegetation (bushes, flowers, trees, etc.), you create a barrier that can dissuade pests from exploring your home’s foundation and siding.


How do I get rid of scorpions?

Whether you have 1 or 100 scorpions hiding in your home, you want to act fast. In addition to the tips above, you must call a professional exterminating company and request their scorpion control service. Bizzy Bee Exterminators will identify problem areas that are providing scorpions access into your home. We will treat the site and provide recommendations to keep scorpions out.


Do you need effective scorpion control? Call us right away: 1-800-273-4958