Queen termites produce millions of termites, each with their own role – workers, swarmers, and soldiers. The worker termites relentlessly search for food, swarmers start new colonies, and soldiers defend the colony. So, it’s imperative to eliminate the source of the colony – the queen. Sentricon is a proven, termite bait system that eliminates colonies at its source. Bizzy Bee Exterminators proudly offers this revolutionary product through our termite service!

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Consider the following frequently asked questions about Sentricon:

Is Sentricon a bait system or liquid system?

Sentricon is a bait system. Your Bizzy Bee Exterminator will expertly place the Sentricon bait system into the ground surrounding your home. The worker termite will travel toward the bait, mistaken it as food, and bring it back to the colony.

How will Sentricon eliminate the termites?

Termites live in colonies but create hundreds of tunnels from the colony to its food source (your home). Because termites travel together through these tunnels, the unknowing termite will spread the bait to every termite it passes. With each passing termite, the bait will spread until it reaches the colony and queen. Therefore, the source is eliminated, and all the foraging termites will die as well.

Why is Sentricon so effective?

Sentricon’s main ingredient is hexaflumuron, an ingredient that prevents the production of chitin. A termite’s exoskeleton relies on chitin to complete its moulting process. When a termite comes into contact with Sentricon, the hexaflumuron ingredient attacks the chitin within the termite and the termite dies. Additionally, research has shown that a termite is more attracted to the Sentricon bait than the wood in your home!

Bizzy Bee Exterminators proudly offers this revolutionary termite bait system. If you’re interested in protecting your home through Sentricon, contact one of our experts.