the front door of a nice house

Four common ways that insects such as cockroaches, spiders, centipedes, and ants are making their way into your home include through your doors, siding, crawl space vents, and chimney. Fortunately, you can block these critters from entering your home! Here’s what you should do (and here’s how we can help):

Check for Light Around Doors

Pests may not walk right through your front door as if they’re a welcome house guest, but they very well could be squeezing their way through a closed door! If your door is closed and you can see even a sliver of light, that’s big enough for an insect to squeeze its way through. If you notice this, replace the seals that are around your door.

Inspect Your Siding for Gaps

On a newly built home, siding is caulked at its meeting points and then paint is applied. However, over time, caulk may become loose and fall off, exposing an entryway for insects. Every few months, walk around your home and inspect the siding for gaps. If you see gaps, use caulk to close up the opening.

Insert Crawl Space Screens

Crawl spaces are intended to create a buffer between the damp earth and your home. However, it also provides a luxurious home for insects! It’s vital to keep bugs out of your crawl space as best you can. One way is to insert crawl space screens on the vents that could be providing access to outdoor insects. Don’t seal them up completely, though. These vents are helpful, as they provide airflow to the crawlspace.

Examine Your Chimney Cap

Set a reminder to examine your chimney cap or hire a professional to do it yearly. A chimney cap keeps the elements of Mother Nature and critters out of your chimney. If it’s broken or compromised, wildlife and insects can easily get into your chimney. Keep those pests out of your chimney – which serves as an access point into your home – by replacing or fixing your chimney cap.

Partner with Bizzy Bee Exterminators

We highly recommend implementing the above practices to reduce the number of insects in your home. Bizzy Bee Exterminators can help, as well! We apply a low-toxicity product in a strategic manner to kill insects and infestations. Give us a call today: 1-800-273-4958