There are many do-it-yourself videos on the Internet about how to eliminate bed bugs. But, did you know that if you miss one pregnant bed bug, you could have up to 1,000 bed bugs in your home in under three months? Eliminating a bed bug infestation is not a do-it-yourself project that’s worth the risk. Discover the details:

How to Spot Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are rather small pests, roughly two to five millimeters in length. However, they leave noticeable signs of their inhabitance. Several signs that you have a bed bug infestation include reddish stains on bedding (crushed bed bugs), small dark spots (bed bug droppings), eggs and eggshells, and dead yellow skins (when they shed their skin).

Where You Find Bed Bugs

If bed bugs only stayed on mattresses and bedding, eliminating them would be a household project. But, because these tiny pests roam, you will find them in electrical receptacles, in drawer joints, between cushions, under loose wallpaper, and in other tiny places. The general rule of thumb is that if you can slip a credit card into the space, a bed bug can fit into it as well.

A Bed Bug’s Feeding Pattern

Understanding a bed bug’s habits will help you spot the problem before a full-blown bed bug infestation is in the works. When a bed bug feeds, it primarily feeds at night and latches onto humans. They latch for roughly three to 12 minutes. However, people aren’t the only victims of bed bugs. Mammalian pets and birds have suffered from bed bugs as well.

How Bizzy Bee Exterminators Can Help

A bed bug infestation can make your oasis of a home into the last place you want to be. The Bizzy Bee Exterminators will eliminate your bed bug infestation with integrated pest control. Our exterminators are certified, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable.

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