Between November and February, Georgians experience cold weather that demands winter jackets. But, people aren’t the only ones seeking warmth during these cold months. Animals are finding shelter in attics, garages, sheds, and other places to stay warm. That doesn’t mean you need to house unwanted pests for the winter. Here’s how we can help if you have an animal in the attic:

Our Exclusion & Prevention Services

When you have an animal in the attic, you want to make sure it’s safely removed and the entry point it found is accurately filled. If the animal is removed but the access point still exists, more animals will enter your home over time. At Bizzy Bee Exterminators, we use a timely treatment plan that is humane and effective. This treatment will deter other animals from the area and help keep your home pest-free.

Animal in the Attic Health Risks

Animals carry a plethora of bacteria and viruses that are not safe for humans to be near. That’s why it’s important to remove the offending animal instead of letting it decompose. Additionally, a decomposing body will attract other animals which will worsen the situation.

Our team of professionals can handle any animal in any location. We aim to help your family stay safe from wildlife and keep your house free from serious health risks.

Signs of Wildlife in Your Home

If you’re unsure if an unusual odor or scratching noise is an animal in the attic or something else, consider what other signs to watch for:

  • Animal droppings
  • Damaged insulation
  • Gnawing damage to wood, wiring, or furniture
  • Loud noises at night
  • Thumping or scratching noises inside walls and ceilings
  • Unexplainable foul odors
  • Urine stains

Don’t hesitate to contact the Bizzy Bee Exterminators with your wildlife exclusion needs. We offer flexible scheduling and next-day service when possible!