Although fire ants are little creatures, their bites can create big problems! If you’re stung by a swarm of fire ants, the overwhelming amount of venom will cause your body to create histamine to combat the foreign substance. If you’ve been bitten by fire ants, make sure you follow these steps to control the swelling.

Ice the Affected Area

Using ice as a remedy is called cold therapy or cryotherapy. This involves putting a cold compress or a bag of ice on a swollen area for 15 minutes, removing the compress or ice bag for 15 minutes, and repeating these two steps for as long as necessary. The coldness will reduce the amount of blood flow to the affected area which in turn will reduce swelling and pain.

Elevate the Swollen Area

Your heart pumps blood to every part of your body. After you’ve been bitten by fire ants, blood flow to the attacked area will increase swelling! By elevating the affected area above your chest, you are minimizing blood flow.

Apply Cream to the Itchy Area

Don’t be surprised if the attacked area begins to itch. This is due to the venom that they inserted into your skin after biting you. It’s important not to scratch the area to prevent bacteria from making the infection worse. To help with the itching sensation, apply a hydrocortisone cream to help you find relief.

Call the Bizzy Bee Exterminators to Eliminate Fire Ants

Taking steps to relieve the attacked area is the first thing you should do after being bitten! If you are having an allergic reaction, call medical professionals right away, as an overload of fire ant venom can be life threatening. Afterward, call Bizzy Bee Exterminators to eliminate your fire ant problem. We have effective products, certified technicians, and flexible scheduling to ensure your issue is resolved in a timely manner.

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