Stink bugs do not pose a threat to human health, other than potential allergy flare-ups. However, no one wants to share their home with these slow-moving pests that release a foul odor when crushed! Allow us to highlight several effective tips for stink bug control.

1. Seal Cracks & Caulk Gaps

Although not the tiniest pest to crawl the planet, stink bugs can squeeze through small cracks and gaps to get access into your home. We recommend that you use silicone or caulk to fill in those entry points. Additionally, stink bugs are often found lounging on window screens. If your window screens do not fit properly or they have small tears, repair or replace them to avoid unwanted pests entering your home.

2. Plant Sunflowers & Marigolds

Did you know that stink bugs can be extremely destructive to plants? If you spot stink bugs in your garden eating your freshly sprouting plants and vegetables, we recommend planting sunflowers and marigolds. These types of flowers will attract other insects that eat stink bug eggs and larvae! Let nature do the work for you.

3. Maintain Your Yard

Your lawn is a haven for stink bugs, especially during the summer which is their optimal egg-laying season. They lay their eggs on the underside of leaves, and when they hatch, they seek out food and shelter. Rake and dispose of your leaves to ensure you eliminate the most popular spot for egg-laying.

4. Partner with a Premier Pest Control Company

The Bizzy Bee Exterminator team can help you eliminate your stink bug infestation and prevent another one from occurring. Further, we can spray our premier pest control to deter other pests from entering your home.

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