mosquito problemSpring is right around the corner – March 20 to be exact. Most of us are ready for the warmer weather, and unfortunately, so are mosquitoes. While these frustrating pests only live six to eight weeks (female mosquitoes), they lay eggs every three days. This creates a mosquito problem in your lawn that never ends. Fortunately, we can help!

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Our mosquito elimination treatment is safe for humans and extremely effective. To maximize the treatment, there are ways you can help! Consider the following tips to eliminate mosquitoes from your lawn:

Dump Standing Water

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Larvae thrive in moist, damp places. So, dump any standing water that exists near your home. Be intentional about dumping or replacing water in your tire swing, bird bath, wading pool, gutter, tarp, canoe, and uncovered garbage can.

Attract Birds to Your Lawn

This may seem like an odd tip to consider; however, it works wonders. Birds and bats are a mosquito’s natural predator. So, create or buy bird feeders and bird baths, and place them around your yard to attract birds to your home. While they feast on bird seed, they will also snatch up and eat frustrating mosquitoes.

Declutter Your Yard

Think about how tiny mosquitoes are – sometimes so small that they are hard to see! Well, these small pests can make a home in small pieces of litter. Be intentional about keeping your lawn free of litter such as bottles, wrappers, and cans, as these tend to hold water easily, reducing the chance of a mosquito problem.

Combining these tips and scheduling a mosquito elimination appointment with Bizzy Bee Exterminators will ensure that your family and pets are safe from these pests. Contact us today so when spring arrives, you’re ready to enjoy the outdoors!