Red fire ant with reflection

No matter the species, fire ants can create a huge headache for homeowners. They thrive during the warm weather associated with southern summers, so it’s likely you’ll see an excess of them on your lawn if you haven’t taken precautionary measures. Discover the different types of fire ants that are most commonly found in the southeast:

Southern Fire Ant

If you live in any of the southern states, from North Carolina to California, you’ve likely stumbled upon the southern fire ant. These fire ants are a mix in color: yellow and red on its body but black on its abdomen. Although some fire ant mounds are in plain sight, southern fire ants like to build their mounds underneath objects to increase its protection and shelter.

Red Imported Fire Ants

The red imported fire ants have been in America for almost 90 years! They crawled onto a South American shipping transport and made their home in the United States. If you see a mound that is roughly 2 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall, not hiding behind or under anything, you’ve stumbled upon a red imported fire ants’ nest. They love direct sunlight and areas with a lack of clutter.

Tropical Fire Ant

Although the name doesn’t suggest it, the tropical fire ant is a native species to America. It’s most commonly found in the southeast states, spanning from Texas to North Carolina. The tropical fire ant, much like the southern fire ant, will create their colonies underneath an object or by shrubbery. These fire ants are not afraid to attack anyone who disrupts their mound.

How Bizzy Bee Exterminators Can Help

Realizing you have a fire ant infestation makes for a bad day. Our team of certified technicians are here to eliminate the root of the problem! Our treatment methods are safe for people and very deadly for fire ants. Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions: 1-800-273-4958.